The ‘crazy’ home workout behind Elyse Knowles abs

Elyse Knowles has been proudly flashing her impressively toned physique recently, one she’s clearly spent hours working on in the gym. But the 27-year-old has proved you don’t need a tonne of expensive equipment to get fit, revealing how she can gets a great workout just about anywhere.

The former Block winner posted a video and series of snaps using a “toy” she uses to get a bunch of ab, leg, booty and arm exercises in when out and about — her trusty skateboard.“Summer favourite toy, for a summer bod,” she captioned the post that has had more than 24,000 likes on Instagram.

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In the clip, she shows how she uses the skateboard as an ab roller, to do burpees, forward and side lunges, push ups and even as a butt toner by performing hip bridges.

“Who needs to take exercise equipment away on holidays,” one fan commented on the video.

“This is SO good!! You are Amazing,” added another.

“All we need is a skateboard,” a third said while tagging her friend.

Others described it as “epic’ and thanked Elyse for the “genius” idea while commenting on how strong and lean she looked.

Even though the model tagged the post “summer body”, she explained that leading a healthy lifestyle required the same commitment levels all year round “because your physical and mental wellness is everything”.

In her blog, the Myer ambassador said she liked to keep her workouts varied during the week to keep her body guessing and to activate different muscles. You will find her doing high intensity sessions, stair runs, surfing and boxing to pilates, weights and going on long walks.

‘My core is benefitting with these skateboard workouts’

Earlier this year, Elyse and her 30-year-old builder boyfriend Josh Barker swapped the hustle and bustle of Melbourne for the laid-back lifestyle of Byron that she says has encouraged her to do a lot more outdoor workouts.

“Cardio sessions are big dog walks on the beach once or twice a day, challenging stair runs/climbs at the lighthouse, boxing outside, surf sessions, riding everywhere and creating tough workouts at home … with a SKATEBOARD!”

She said her “favourite toy” was easy to use and store, inexpensive to purchase and maintain but above all, “it’s fun”.

“My core is hugely benefiting with these skateboard workouts because to stop the board from rolling away, my tummy muscles have to be switched on at all times,” she wrote on her blog. “Trust me, never disengage your belly unless you want a few bruises and scratches! Plus having a skateboard around makes me feel young and wild. Personally, I love the things.”

Elyse explained that those willing to give it a go, with caution, needed to commit 100 per cent and try not to cheat.

She said by completing all the reps it would burn, but that burn was “proof” you were working your body well.“Put some music on and you’ll be fine … exercise is about mind over matter!” Elise said.

“Even if you’re loving your current weekly workout regime, maybe try and throw this into the mix just to test different areas of your body. It’s crazy how quick our bodies get used to the same daily workout, so keeping them guessing is really beneficial.”

She reminded her followers that keeping fit and active throughout winter was an “amazing way to get an extra hit of endorphins” — and that no one was ever “too old to grab the skateboard and roll down the path way”.“It’s a fun way to get to A to B. I feel so awake and alive when skating, like I’m a kid again,” she said.

“Sometimes we need to put all the seriousness of life to the side for a minute and just make FUN out of life. We’re only here on earth once, so if you dare. give a board a crack,” she said.

She finished her blog by posting a series of images, demonstrating how to do each workout.

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